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Hughie Morrison has had success spanning over nearly 2 decades. His commitment and passion for his horses being the driving force behind this huge success which has been nothing short of phenomenal.

Winners like Pastoral Pursuits (July Cup G1 at Newmarket 2005), Alcazar (Prix Royal Oak G1 at Longchamp 2005, the eldest horse in Europe to win a G1) and Sakhee’s Secret (July cup G1 at Newmarket 2007), have firmly placed Hughie on any would be owner's short list to train their horse.

Latest Results

27Jul16 Goo 7GF C3Hc 12K

8/16 2L, Pastoral Player 9-3 10/1 Charlie Bennett — —

27Jul16 Goo 21GF C2Hc 31K

1/20 2L, Star Rider 8-13 p 11/1 Jimmy Fortune — —

26Jul16 Goo 14GF C2Hc 62K

9/14 9L, Fun Mac 9-8 t 14/1 Jimmy Fortune — —

25Jul16 Wol 12St C6Hc 2K

6/9 2½L, Kissy Suzuki 8-13 7/2 Charlie Bennett 66 -8

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